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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Why I Won't Join An MLM

Why I Won't Join An MLM By Bill White

When I was growing up, multi level marketing had an extremely bad reputation. In my early adulthood I had the opportunity to interview for jobs that offered high pay and "relaxed work environments." After going for several of these interviews I developed an understanding of why multi level marketing had such a bad reputation. I've seen and tried out several multi level marketing programs on the web as well and now have an even greater understanding of why these programs just aren't for me.

The first thing I've noticed about these programs is that the products they pitch are almost always at a premium price. I'm sure you know in our present economy, that even with a recovery happening, people just aren't wanting to waste their hard earned money on over priced products. Many health related products are sold this way and it makes me very sad to see it. See, my take on health products is very simple. I strongly believe in taking supplements and have no problem recommending them. Not only that, the industry is growing incredibly as the baby boomer generation comes of age. The flaw is that many of the baby boomers who are certainly among the most interested in health products were caught in the forced early retirement trend of the 80's. This places many of them on tight budgets..and with already spending a high amount on prescription drugs, the thought of spending these ridiculous amounts for vitamins leaves many a would be health conscious boomer taking an off the shelf vitamin instead. So bottom line on this point is greed in the MLM industry kills a significant portion of the market.

The next thing that really leaves me unsettled by MLM is the fact that you can make great money if you get in towards the top. While this is great for your motivated people in the higher rungs...eventually you get market saturation and those on the lower rungs are buying their overpriced quote without a chance to recruit or sell to anyone. I find this highly unethical.

Last, you inevitably get a higher pay out buying the most expensive product monthly that you do the mid or bottom end product. If you sold the same type of products in a retail setting, you would have the same markup and resulting profit regardless of the "plan" you are in.

My feeling is that MLMs make a handful of people wealthy at the expense of those lower in the ranks. That is why I recommend against joining them. If you're reading this article, it's highly likely you want to improve your life... wealth included. Invest, sell good quality products, license ideas... but skip the MLMs.

If you ask me, MLM simply means Make Life Miserable. Now who wants that?

Until next week all the best!

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